Seale’s Cardinalfish (Apogon sealei)

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Seale's Cardinalfish (Apogon sealei) Photo taken by Sanjay Joshi

Seale’s Cardinalfish (Apogon sealei) is an uncommon fish found in the hobby. These fish sport brightly illuminating blue eyes which are accentuated under typical reef lighting.  Many cardinals can be tricky to get eating but these fish have shown to be super hardy and jump on any opportunity to eat. According to, these fish attain a maximum size of  about 4″ but commonly only reach 3 inches in length. Seale’s Cardinalfish are found in the Western Pacific. Generally I’d consider these fish reef safe even though fully grown adults have the ability to eat ornamental shrimp.

Photo taken by Sanjay Joshi

Probably the most appealing aspect of these fish is they maintain schooling behavior even as adults. Naturally they are found on reefs in large congregations around corals and overhangs. Several of these fish schooling together with their bright blue eyes is stunning to say the least.

You can’t go wrong by adding these beautiful hardy fish to your reef system IF your lucky enough to come across them at your local fish store or online retailer.


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