Shark Pencil Cases!

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These adorable creations are by textile artist Connie Laquitara. They would make a great gift for the artist or student in your life, or even as a little treat for yourself! The original pattern is from studio7t7 on youtube, which she then modified and made some variations to.

She tells me:
“I could sew since I was a child, but started sewing seriously about 6 years ago. My grandmother-in-law really sparked the passion for sewing in me. I have since really branched out in what I sew, as I started with just making quilts. Now I sew almost everything but clothes.
The pandemic created a lot of stress in everyone’s lives. I use sewing as a coping method and now sew everyday, every chance I get. My kids frequently have me sewing things for them also!”

She also has a facebook group, which you can find HERE. The description reads, “I have a passion for sewing and addiction to fabric! I sew many different projects like quilts, pouches, bags, totes, etc., to name a few. I am constantly trying to expand my abilities.
Because I am a stay-at-home mom, I’m looking for another avenue to help support my hobby. It will also help me recoup some of the costs involved with my craft donations/charity. This group was created as a way for me to offer some of my creations for you to purchase.
If you are looking for something specific, feel free to ask! If you see a design you like but not the color, I may be able to accommodate color/pattern changes. Certainly can’t hurt to ask.”

Super cute, don’t you think?

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