How To Shoot Macro Video Without a Macro Lens

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Equipment, Photography, Reef, Video | 0 comments

canon camera As many of you know, DSLR cameras have a digital zoom feature that allows you to zoom in very closely to focus on the subject matter. With my Canon 5D Mark iii I am able to zoom in 5x as well as 10x. The rub is you can’t snap pictures or record video to the camera at these ultra close ranges, as macro lenses and extension tubes are the primary means to get close (I have heard of folks using a magnifying glass but I have not attempted this trick).
Nonetheless, I have discovered a way to overcome this limitation and actually record ultra close up photos and video without using a macro lens or extension tubes. You can do it using the same apps used to stream live to Facebook. Please note this tutorial is specifically for Canon DSLRs and Macs, although I am sure it is doable in Windows and for other DSLRs.

To start you will need a USB cable to connect the camera to the computer as well as the Canon EOS Utility, Camera Live, Cam Twist and OBS MORE


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