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by | Dec 31, 2021 | Corals, SPS | 0 comments

Those of you that have been following me for few years know that I have and love Green Slimer Acropora, which I regularly frag and donate to people that are getting into the hobby or to friends who want them.
On my new build, while shooting up, slimer has also been actively growing horizontally where it keeps hitting the front glass. I hate being bothered by this, so I decided to relocate the coral to a different location where I wouldn’t have to mess with it so much.
Now with a glaring hole in front of my tank, I decided to head up to World Wide Corals, Inc. in Orlando to enlist some help with some chunky, colorful colony pieces that I can fill the void in my heart… err I mean in my tank.
Check out on what I look for when I am shopping for certain corals, listen to some recommendations from Claudio of WWC, and see if you can incorporate some of the tips into your own ways when you are out there looking for new corals.
Enjoy and happy reefing!
Huge thanks to Claudio and Tommy Babiarz for helping me out with this!




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