Sicce LED Preview

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Sicce was onsite at the GPE with their new line of LED systems, the AM466 and AM650.  These lights are designed for small tanks and larger installs where the goal is to be “Damn Sexy”.  They achieve this by leveraging a beautiful piece of acrylic to accentuate the slim design of light.  It almost looks like an illuminated piece of glass floating over the tank.  These lights are tuned to 14,000k and pack a minimum PAR of 245.  Their size and spread is designed for tanks 20-36 inches, although you can certainly put two of these over a tank if needed.  They have integrated timers for sunrise and sunset and one other thing to note is they use passive cooling, so no noise from a fan.  Expect to see these available in the next 3 months.  Additional image on the next page.

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