Good morning friends, here’s a picture from the first of three nights of coral spawning for the month of September. I completely missed the August spawning but it’s ok, this month is always the best. Like every year, 7 days after the full moon, corals around the world all release eggs and sperm into the water column in hopes of growing new corals and ensuring that its species will survive.

All the Starlet corals were spawning and really going crazy. This is something you have to see in person to believe; every single Starlet corals was pumping out sperm and eggs, so much in fact I had to do an emergency ascent as I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face and ended up getting lost! Once I surfaced, I saw shore and got my bearings, then went back under and made a bee-line for home, but first taking as many shots as I could of all this spawning madness. MORE

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