Simplicity DC 240 Skimmer Unboxing, Installation and Review

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Equipment | 0 comments

Hello reefers!

For this video, I got my hands on Simplicity’s DC240 skimmer. I have been really loving Simplicity’s approach to the hobby, which is making quality products affordable, so they are accessible to everyone.

When my boss at asked me if I wanted to work with this product, I was excited to check it out so that I can report back to you guys.

I strongly believed that it can be yet another great, solid offering for builds that are looking to be frugal. We are going to unbox it, put it all together and install it, and see how it works.

Do you have this skimmer or its sibling running in your system?

Leave a comment down below about your thoughts on this product and if you have any tips or advice for people.

Happy reefing!

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