Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.35.23 AMWell since I’m a certified Ceph-Freak, this is perfect for my washroom! I’m telling you, Cthulhu could walk right through my door, crack open a Seaweed Beer from the fridge, take a look around and feel right at home. And that’s exactly the look I’m going for. Not to leave any rooms behind, let’s focus on how to Octify you’re bathroom. This concrete sink features a stunning hypnotic Ammonite design, the now extinct species of cephalopod that existed 400-million years ago. I’d be so riveted by the simple act of washing my hands – I’d probably never leave the bathroom. The product’s website seems to not be working at the moment, so no word on pricing. Would really love to see a similar design with the arms of the magnificent Giant Pacific Octopus – tentacles and all!


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