Sirenas MD, Collecting Sponges for Medical Research

by | May 18, 2017 | Reef, Science, Video | 0 comments

sirenasGood morning readers, today I have an exciting photo line-up from underwater of a company called SIRENAS, recently funded by the Bill Gates foundation, collecting deep-sea sponges with a submersible owned by Substation Curacao. So first off, who is SIRENAS you ask?? Here’s a little blurb from their home page but please if you have time, check their site out; “Sirenas is a company with a validated drug development platform designed to bring unparalleled chemical diversity to high-value therapeutic areas. Our mission is to generate a proprietary and partnered pipeline of breakthrough drug leads. We currently specialize in the discovery and development of new chemical entities that modulate the human immune response in specific ways, with application in oncology and infectious disease”. So in short, they collect sponges in hopes of finding a cure for some of the top diseases on the planet. MORE


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