Skimmate Stein from Slide Loc

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Found something that would be an amazing gift for hobbyists this Christmas.

Skimmate Stein from Slide Loc










“The 16oz Skimmate Stein, resembles our favorite piece of equipment: the skimmer!

For the serious aquarist… we know good foam when we see it.

Don’t let your fish drink alone & be the envy of your tank mates when they see you partaking in their favorite beverage.

You’ve come to expect only the best quality in products from Slide-Loc. So why can’t we have fun and enjoy legitimate quality while we do? Made of borosilicate glass which is far more tollerant of extreme temperatures, boiling water, microwaves, and shatter resistant than standard sodalime.

But wait! That’s not all, it comes with a pleasant blue silicone sippy lid for those on the go.” – Slide Loc


Designed & engineered in the U.S.A.

They also offer Jasmine Green Tea leaves as package as well.

If your significant other or your friend is an avid tea/coffee drinker and is in the hobby, this may be an excellent stocking stuffer for the holiday. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love good reefing merch? Useful ones at that? Knowing that they will enjoy it and use it frequently will make this one worth it for many!

Happy Reefing and happy holidays!

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