’s Aquarium de Paris, or the Paris Aquarium, has teamed up with Airbnb to offer an awesome competition that will appeal to thrill seekers and aquarium lovers alike. Three lucky winners and their guests will get a chance to spend the night in the Paris Aquariums pretty swanky ‘submarine bedroom’ on either April 11, 12 or 13 of 2016. The lucky winners will enjoy dinner, aquarium entrance and a private tour led by Fred Buyle, shark enthusiast, photographer and world record setting free diver. The room is available for three nights only, and then will be turned into an observatory for the aquarium. The competition is part of Airbnb’s Night At series, which takes amazing places around the world and transforms them into amazing accommodations for the night. All you have to do is go on the site and enter to win. But make sure you do it by tomorrow, April 3, 2016, when the competition ends. And don’t worry you don’t have to be a local to win, Airbnb will fly the winners in from anywhere in the world! Airbnb describes the ‘accommodations’ as follows: “Ever gaze into an aquarium and wonder what it’s like to live under water? Imagine yourself submerged in three million liters, in an aquarium ten meters deep, alongside 35 of the most majestic creatures on Earth: sharks! Experience what it’s like, even for a night, to live among these feared creatures. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep in a underwater bedroom, where the only thing separating you from your neighbors is the 360-degree transparent wall.” The ‘house rules’ include: no selfies after dark since sharks are sensitive to light, no diving, don’t eat the chum and keep your hands and feet inside!  MORE

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