Spotted Spiny Lobsters, Panulirus guttatus

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Hello friends, Aimee and I carried a bunch of new Ikelite gear up the coast this morning followed by three dogs, and finally got a few promotional shots for them that they can use for advertising. One of the cool new items is a completely new designed housing for my D-800 with white sides and new domes, they are promoting it as a shallow type of housing for taking photos in pools, waves, snorkeling and free diving, it’s only rated to 40 feet.

So I have two Spotted Spiny Lobsters, Panulirus guttatus for you all today that were found late at night crawling around searching for dinner. Lobsters are pretty shy and most of the time our lights scare them back into their caves but occasionally a few will hang out long enough for me to quickly take a photo like you see here.

Panulirus guttatus has a pair of compound eyes on flexible stalks, long thick spiny antennae, six pairs of small appendages around the mouth, and five pairs of walking legs which are not tipped by large claws. The antennular plate bears two large, widely separated spines. The maximum length of this spiny lobster is about 20 cm (8 in) but a more normal length is 15 cm (6 in). The body color is purplish-black, heavily marked with conspicuous round white spots. The main leg segments are dark and spotted with white, but the penultimate leg segments have dark, longitudinal stripes on a pale background.



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