Spotted Trunkfish: Lactophrys bicaudalis

by | Mar 19, 2016 | Fish, Reef, Science | 0 comments

Hi all, I have a super gentle, Spotted Trunkfish for you all today that we found a few years back under the pier at Caracas baai.

The Spotted Trunkfish is a member of the family Ostraciidae. It can be found in reefs throughout the Caribbean, as well as the south eastern Atlantic Ocean. The species gets its name from the black spots it has covering its yellowish-golden body.

The spotted trunkfish, like all trunkfish of the Genus Lactophrys, secretes a colorless toxin from glands on its skin when touched. The toxin is only dangerous when ingested, so there’s no immediate harm to divers. Predators however, as large as nurse sharks, can die as a result of eating a trunkfish.

Hope you all are well…


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