SPS Deep Dive – ORA Pearlberry

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Corals | 0 comments

acropora pearlberry ora

Given its vivid coloration, the ORA Pearlberry is a must have coral for many SPS collectors. When it first came out it generated a lot of excitement and I was stoked to add it to my tank. According to ORA’s description of the Pearlberry, the coral looks like an Acropora desalwii, although they never came up with an official lineage.

The coral has purplish tips, greenish corallites and a gorgeous pearlescent coloration on the branches. My piece just seemed to glow, emitting new colors every time I looked at it. When I had it in my prior tank the coral was very happy high up in the reef under 400W Radiums with supplemental T5 lighting. However, the coral can do well in the middle part of a MORE


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