SPS Deep Dive – Tubbs Stellata Monti

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Corals, Reef | 0 comments

When I look for SPS corals to add to my reef tank I typically consider a few things. One, how hardy is it and can it easily adapt to different conditions in a tank such as lighting, nutrient levels, alkalinity, etc? Is it a fast grower? Is it physically appealing to me?

The hardiness of a coral is important, especially when you have a younger tank. Montiporas are great additions to new tanks since they can withstand less than ideal water parameters. Some varieties branch, others cup while a third type encrusts. All are forgiving. I also like Montis in an established tank because some are really cool looking, checking a second box for me. Many have striking colors such as the branching ATL Forest Fire Digitata, which sports brilliant orange polyps and green tips.

Another beautiful branching Montipora is the Tubbs Stellata Monti. This coral has bright green polyps and purple branches, a rare contrast in colors. As is the case with other Montis, this piece will grow rather fast when happy so it should be given a wide berth versus other corals



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