Stylophora, The Other Stoney Coral

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Corals, Eye Candy, Photography | 0 comments

Whenever speaking about stoney corals, Acropora and Montipora seem to always be in the spotlight.  And with good reason given the amazing colors nature has created in these magnificent animals.  But if you will indulge me for a moment, I would like to visit the other stoney coral, the Stylophora. This species has some very unique characteristics and comes in a rainbow of colors.  It is much more resilient to the stressors involved in closed systems and captive environment and will thrive when other more sensitive stoney corals will not.  This species is a wonderful coral to begin the process of keeping reef building corals.  It does not contract the pests that normally effect health and survivability such as Acropora eating flat worms or Montipora eating Nudibranchia as does the latter.  It is less sensitive to parameter changes and will survive in variable lighting schemes also which can be utilized in newer and less mature bio types without high losses associated with the more sensitive Acropora species.  Surely one of the hardiest reef building stoney corals and clearly very beautiful in its own right.


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