A new specialty goby: Sueviota bryozophila, n. sp. AKA Bryozoan Goby

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The new description is published in the Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.  Below is a transcript of information Anna DeLoach shared with Advanced Aquarist back on May 28, 2013.


Ned and Anna DeLoach of www.blennywatcher.com share with us some great photos and video of a potentially undescribed goby which lives within the lacy matrix of bryozoan colonies.

Graham Abbott first spotted this unusual tiny goby at Ambon Harbor. Abbott is the “founder and principal guide of Diving4Images, a dive service headquartered in Bali that specializes in leading underwater photographic expeditions throughout Indonesia.”  By the end of the day, most of his divers also found these gobies – often in pairs – within bryozoans.

The gobies appear to be only a few millimeters long and camouflage really effectively with their host bryozoan.  In fact, the photo below shows a goby with translucent body.  It’s not surprising this species may have evaded detection until now.


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