Survival Of The Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle

by | Jun 6, 2015 | Conservation, Science | 0 comments

turtleWhile this story isn’t about a sea turtle, the plight of the survival of the Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle must be told. There is only one known female Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle left in the world. The female was placed in a tank with a male, one of the only three males left of the species, at a zoo in China. Scientists were hopeful the two would naturally procreate. Although she became pregnant, the eggs were nonviable. The scientists really went all for saving the species, as the 100 year old male turtle proved difficult to arouse. The scientists attempted stimulating the 100 year old male hand, vibrator and where finally successful using a vibrator, to obtain the semen. The semen was successfully artificially inseminated in the female, and eggs began to form. It is too early to tell if the species will be saved through this attempt. Scientists are hopeful this attempt will produce children, as the female will soon be removed to her home zoo this fall. MORE


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