This week I visited the Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society located in Salt Lake City.  And, during this visit I was invited to Bradley Syphus’ house, wrasse GEEK number 2!  Just like me he enjoys the beauty of these fascinating fish.

Bradley’s FTS

Cirrhilabrus earli photo by Tony Vargas

Cirrhilabrus earli photo by Tony Vargas

He’s well known for his amazing collection of wrasses and as expected his assortment of wrasses did not disappoint.  Observing his tank in the evening, I watched his flashers (Paracheilinus) and fairy wrasses (Cirrhilabrus) display their beautiful bright colors.  Spreading their fins and dancing in circles enhanced their colors even more!  His latest addition is the holy grail of Cirrhilabrus wrasses, the elusive C. earli.

Bradley has a beautiful 225-gallon reef aquarium with one of the largest Euphylla ancora I’ve seen in a tank of this size.  Suspended above his tank is a 72-inch Maristar light fixture with three 250-watt DE Phoenix bulbs, accessorized with four 39-watt T-5 actinic plus lamps.  All his filtration is conveniently located in the stand under his tank.  Talk about being loyal to one particular brand, Bradley has a Deltec AP702 skimmer, a Deltec PF601s calcium reactor, and a Deltec fluidized reactor which keeps his phosphate levels under control.  With regards to circulation the aquarium functions with two MP40s and two Reeflo Darts; one for a closed-loop and the other for the systems return.

This reef tank was a complete delight, thank you Bradley for the opportunity to observe.

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