Happy New Year, Secretary Blenny, Cute Reef Fish

Happy New Year out there!! I’m super busy these days getting ready for a trip to Bonaire on the 14th, I will be there for a week aboard the Chapman shooting photos for the World famous Smithsonian Institution in Washington. The plan is, the scientists go down in a mini-sub for 3-6 hours at a time and I wait on the ship, cameras loaded and tanks ready to photograph whatever they may find. The Smithsonian is very selective about what they collect, they don’t haul up everything they see and have a shopping list of sorts of what they hope to find or that they are looking for.

Juvenile Flying Gurnard

Good morning readers of the blog, yesterday when I jumped in the water at Substation on my way out to photograph the sub, I found a tiny little 2-inch flying gurnard in the sand right below our floating platform. This is for sure the smallest gurnard I have ever seen and I still can’t believe I found it, he or she is so cute! Because I had the wide angle with me yesterday I had to get back in hours later with my macro lens and find him again which wasn’t hard to do, he was in the same spot. This morning I took off 1st thing in search of him again and since baby fish tend to stay in the same area for months he was fairly easy to find again. When I go out to do a shoot I usually just stop and watch for awhile and learn a little bit about their behaviors, this can make my job a lot easier. I did have a very hard time getting a front view of his or her face as they never stop swimming and always keep their faces away from you.

Queen Angelfish

Good morning friends, we have a busy day on tap and I was already underwater once this morning. I often tell folks that a some fish can be spotted from a long ways away as is the case with todays photo showing a very colorful Queen angelfish. I spotted this beauty while photographing the submersible which was quite a distance from the reef out in the deep blue. Once finished with our customers I turned around and in seconds re-spotted our little Queen and slowly dove down to his or her level and took this shot from from around 15 feet away. As I have said for years to those of you listening, these Queen angels are scared of their own shadows and can be very difficult to approach and chasing them is just a plain waste of your time and air! There have been only a few cooperative Queens that I can even remember in the past 12 years and those are some of the best shots I have in my collection

Two French Angelfish

Hi all, we had such a crazy day here yesterday…. I was in the water three times with our submersible and went home completely wiped out. For me it’s not the three dives that is so tiring but the running around in-between dives doing photoshop and getting my gear and camera ready to go for the next run, the day goes by super fast!  These are two of my buddies that live on our reef and are usually out there to greet us each day showing very little fear and a whole lot of curiosity! 

Whitespotted Filefish

Good morning friends, still in Miami but will be back in Curacao tomorrow. I will for sure miss all these wonderful US comforts like the food, not seeing any trash and the kindness I have found everywhere I have been, it has been a fast but fun little trip. We sent all our personal belongings to Miami in a 20 foot container about a month ago in preparation for moving back to the States sometime in the next year or so, this is one big/expensive thing we won’t have to worry about later. I’m staying in the Doral area here in Miami and folks it is beautiful! There has been on and off rain just about every day and last night we had some serious thunderstorms starting at midnight waking everyone up in Miami