A Look at Royal Exclusiv’s new Eco Red Dragon 5 DC Pump

The Red Dragon Eco 5 is a brand new pump model from Royal Exclusiv that is about to hit the US market in October of this year.  Early birds will receive a discounted pre-order price that is now being accepted by authorized US dealers (keep reading to learn more). Red Dragon Eco 5 Overview – The Eco 5 has a maximum flow rate of 1057 GPH (4000 LPH) while only consuming 25 watts of power.  At slower speeds the pump will consume even less wattage and Royal Exclusiv has provided flow curves using 25 watts, 15 watts and 10 watts of power as seen by clicking the graphs below.  Like all of the saltwater Red Dragon pumps, the Eco 5 features titanium screws that will not easily corrode in saltwater.  The pump can be used

SPS Deep Dive – Tyree Red Dragon

SPS Deep Dive – Tyree Red Dragon Limited edition corals generate a lot of buzz when released and the Tyree Red Dragon was at the top of the LE hit list a few years ago. Why did this coral grab so much attention? Well, it was unique due to its red/fuchsia color, white color polyps and growth pattern. The coral’s uniqueness and limited availability did translate into a very high price tag back then but today it is more readily available and can be had for a much more reasonable price. The Red Dragon is a deepwater Acropora with smooth skin, a low density of polyps and delicate, open branches. The coral requires good flow and does well in the middle part of the tank under