Coming soon from Fauna Marin: Coral Dust

Fauna Marin will soon be introducing to the U.S. market what it’s calling “particle-based food…perfected.” Formally known as Ricordea and Zoathus food, Coral Dust takes particle-based feeding to a whole new level, applying the effectiveness of Ric / Zoa food and making it even better. Feed…the natural way Fauna Marin Coral Dust contains natural food particles that have been perfectly formulated with special proteins and particulate plankton. No binders, fillers or unwanted ingredients – just quality natural food for your coral. Perfect for all Ricordea, Zoanthids, Goniopora, and other LPS coral. Fauna Marin Coral Dust will soon be available for purchase in the United States, with pricing and availability announced shortly. SOURCE: Fauna Marin
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