Tank Tour: Mike Shur’s 280 Gallon Reef

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Reef, Tanks | 0 comments

During my recent trip to New York I stopped in to visit another long-time reef keeping buddy, Mike Shur, to check out his amazing 280 gallon reef tank. I believe the last time I saw Mike’s tank was nearly three years ago and boy has it grown into a spectacular reef tank! It is just loaded with beautiful corals and some fantastic looking fish that are fat and healthy.

As for his setup, the total system is 400 gallons, with water from the display upstairs traveling downstairs to an Elite Aquatics sump, which is home to a Bubble King Delux 300 skimmer. A separate sump filled with live rock and teaming with pods and sponges is also plumbed into the MORE


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