‘Tanked’ TV stars to enter the aquarium additive business

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'Tanked' TV stars to enter the aquarium additive business

From aquarium fabricators to TV stars to purveyors of aquarium addtitives

Unfortunately, not much information is available on what additives will constitute “the first wave” nor* what additives are planned for the future.  The only information available at this time are the cryptic marketing names for some of ATM’s new additives … names like “Paradigm,” “Outbreak!,” and “Colony.”

*Aquanerd blogged descriptions about the “first wave” of additives.  Please note: Advanced Aquarist has not confirmed this information.

Advanced Aquarist has obtained the promotional media kit for ATM’s new product line.  The document contains the following sections:

  • What is “Tanked”?
  • What does “Tanked” Mean For The Aquatics Industry?
  • What “Tanked” Isn’t
  • Responses To “Tanked”
  • Why ATM product line?
  • The Real Deal (a listing of professional clientele using ATM formulas).


Click to read ATM’s “Future of Aquatics” media kit 
(Adobe pdf | 5.5mb, allow time to download)

Below is the text for the section “Why ATM product line?”

Wayde King and Brett Raymer are the number one aquarium builders in the world. Because setting up an aquarium still carries risks to new hobbyists, we have all the reason in the world to get the right tools in their hands. What better tools than those that ATM uses? These are the same formulas they lean on for their own high dollar installations and getting aquariums set up quickly, from small to large from novice to expert skill levels. Being number one carries a lot of clout in any other aspect of American industry, there’s no reason aquatics should be exempt from this rule.

The first wave of the ATM product line is targeted to new hobbyists and fundamental functions. If new hobbyists are not started out successfully the industry suffers. ATM is the ambassador to new hobbyists and the help to get them started right. This is how the industry grows from small to BIG and everyone wins.

Keep the new hobbyists”. That is the mantra of the aquarium industry moving forward, above all else. ATM is on the front lines of this cause getting them in the door and getting them started successfully!

“Tanked” will return to Animal Planet in 2012 for its second season.

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