souvenir, tchotchke It’s a question of taste perhaps, but to me, some of these souvenirs are either way too bling-y, or downright ecologically damaging.

When we bloggers write our posts, there’s a check box where we can choose our overall subject.  There’s one called ‘Reefs in Art’ that I’ve long wanted to check.  However, mindful of the subjective nature of art I am entirely aware that some people might like these offerings that I came across in an Indian Ocean Airport. While others won’t.

My first subject is quite an expensive one, at over $400.  It shows a pair of Powder Blue Tangs and is (I think) from the Swarovski brand.  I guess some folk will love this?

souvenir, tchotchke

The next is substantially cheaper and, would perhaps divide opinion as to whether it’s attractive or not.  I can only be grateful that the coral stand is artificial.

My final two souvenirs are pretty unpleasant, to me at least.  The jug created from a nautilus shell is downright awful when you learn that the species is endangered and is proposed for addition to CITES regulations.

souvenir, tchotchke

Triton’s Trumpets (Charonia sp.), while beautiful, are predators on Crown-of-thorns starfish (as well as other species), so their removal is directly damaging to reefs.

souvenir, tchotchke

If you are tempted to buy souvenirs like this, I’d opt for the bling!

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