The $6,500 10 gallon aquarium

Magnetic algae cleaners required but sold separately.

When viewed from different angles, the “Infinite Aquarium” takes on different shapes and can appear to defy physics.  This 10 gallon aquarium is available at (where else?); We’re confident it has sold like gangbusters since it was introduced in December, 2010 (your sarcasm alarm should be going off right about now).

Good luck aquscaping it!

This hand-crafted luxury aquarium is designed and produced in the Netherlands. Numerous glass cuts create a very unique and contemporary look. The aquarium includes a built-in filter and contains approximately ten gallons of water. This luxury model is topless.

– Made of hand-cut glass plates
– Height  ( 17″)
– Width   ( 21.5″)
– Depth   ( 20.5″)
– 1 year warranty
– 3 day return period ( 25% restocking fee)



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