The Aquarium – behind the scenes at the London Aquarium

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The Aquarium - behind the scenes at the London Aquarium

It promises to be a star-studded show, in more ways than one…

As a former aquarist at the London Sea Life Aquarium, filmmaker Rachel Wicks decided to document two weeks in the life of the London Aquarium as its staff hurries to unveil a startling new exhibit to the British public.

Throughout the documentary, the aquarium staff are hurrying to finish a brand new exhibit for the Aquarium called the Ocean of Stars, which will feature five large starfish displays with three life support systems. However, daily activities eat away at the dwindling time frame the staff has to accomplish the feat. Some of the activities include:

  • revitalizing the red bellied piranha display tank
  • running their undulating ray breeding program
  • maintaining the myriad of aquariums throughout the facility
  • preparing food for all of the animals
  • taking care of the penguin display
  • operating on a large sand tiger shark named Georgina that goes well into the wee hours of the morning

Follow Rachel as she provides a very in-depth look at what the aquarists are doing behind the scenes:


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