The Bird’s Eye Aquarium

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Fish can swim right up to the top.
Fish can swim right up to the top.

“Table” aquariums aren’t anything new.  There are many coffee table aquariums on the market today.  And then there is this opulent kitchen cabinet aquarium.

The Bird’s Eye Aquarium

A couple patented design elements make the Bird’s Eye Aquarium unique.  Firstly, the aquarium is designed for the water to reach all the way to the top glass.  By doing so, viewers get a clear view into the aquarium that is undistorted by surface waves, reflection, and refraction. Secondly, unlike other coffee table aquariums, the Bird’s Eye incorporates a built-in sump filtration system hidden within its base.


Every Bird’s Eye Aquarium is reportedly built-to-order.  Many custom finishes are available, from modern gloss finishes to faux wood and stone finishes.  While there are several standard models to choose from, aquarist can request custom shapes to satisfy their fancy.

The details about the Bird’s Eye are sparse, but from what we can gather it is fundamentally a standard tank+sump design, albeit in a very neat package.  Lighting is most likely accomplished using edge-lit LEDs or T5 bulbs.  We suspect the entire top is removable (or else we really can’t imagine how you’re suppose to add livestock and maintain the tank).


Below is the promotional video for the Bird’s Eye Aquarium.  Advanced warning: It’s light on details and a little difficult to understand.  One thing we noticed in the video is the noise caused by water cascading down into the sump.  We hope it’s not really this noisy in real life.

Here are the standard models offered for preorder through this Indiegogo campaign at discounted pricing.  The Bird’s Eye Aquariums is suitable for residential or commercial spaces including public aquarium exhibits.  We fear some of these (particularly the bottom-most design) will turn up in “hostile environments” such as nightclubs.







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