The Blue Planet Aquarium, Denmark

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The Blue Planet Aquarium, Denmark

Is this the most beautiful public aquarium?

Upon completion in the Spring of 2013, the 9,000 square metres “The Blue Planet” will become Northern Europe’s largest and most spectacularly designed public aquariums. Danish architects 3XN won an architectural competition with their stunning whirlpool-shaped design.  The design will provide visitors with one of the most unique aquarium experiences found anywhere.



The look-down rendition of the planned interior layout is nothing short of amazing.  Aquarium guests “pool” in the Round Room located in the center of the whirlpool.  From this central hub, they decide which river, lake or ocean biotope to explore.  Visitors will then journey along curved paths on their exploration of aquatic exhibits.



Exterior Concept Renditions

Overlooking the Baltic Sea, “The Blue Planet” unites land, air, and sea in one massive, magnificent, metal-clad homage.  Never has stormy seas and inclement weather looked so inviting.





Interior Concept Renditions

Curves, curves, and more curves.  The underwater world is devoid of right angles, and so is the aquarium’s interior design. The central Round Round is depicted in the last photo.  Advanced Aquarist will share more details about the aquatic exhibits as they become available.



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