That smiling mug above can only mean one thing, The Coral Reef Aquarium by Tony Vargas is now available.  Part of a special “pre-publication sale”, you can order the book now here:

Is that it?  Of course not.  Tony and the team over at Two Little Fishies have decided to offer two versions, the standard release and a Special Edition, limited to 150 copies that comes with a dust jacket and have Tony’s signature in GOLD.  If you are as surprised as we are to hear the words “Tony Vargas’s Signature” and “in GOLD” in the same sentence, well, get over and pick yourself up a copy and see what the fuss is about.  There is indeed a bit of a buzz in the reef community about this book and odds are the limited edition numbered copies will be worth something when Tony runs for President (of what we have no idea).

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