Maybe the cutest Arcuatus Angel you will ever see [video and photos]

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Maybe the cutest Arcuatus Angel you will ever see

Baby Arcuatus at Blue Harbor!

Arcuatus Angels are dear to my heart because I care for one and find A.arcuatus one of the most personable (if not hyper) species I’ve ever owned. If you’ve seen the Disney animated movie Up, think Dug (the dog).

Apolemichthys arcuatus comes from the Hawaiian and Johnston Islands, found in slightly cooler (but still tropical) waters.  I keep my specimen in a 176 gallon reef at 76oF.  One of the greatest difficulties with maintaining this species in captivity is their hesitation to feed, but if/when they do, they are hardy and easy to care for (provided you can maintain temperatures below 80oF).  For 2 weeks, my specimen refused to eat anything; I’m happy to report he now chows down on just about any prepared foods I offer him and has been doing very well for the year I’ve cared for him.

Specimens that are available to US hobbyists are usually over 3″ (8mm) in length; This species is rarely available in Europe.  So I was extremely delighted to see not only photos of a baby A.arcuatus by Blue Harbor but also a rare video of their tiny specimen.

And one more snapshot of this marvellous baby Arc:


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