The Downloadable Issues of Advanced Aquarist Are Back!

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The Downloadable Issues of Advanced Aquarist Are Back!

Kindle and PDF screen shots.

We are pleased to announce that we have updated our downloadable issues to December 2010 with January and March 2011 editions being available in the coming weeks. One noticeable update to these editions is that instead of just a PDF version, we are also including a Kindle and Nook version as well. The issues are now in a ZIP format and once downloaded, you will need to unzip them in order to read them. The download size will of course be larger, but we feel that adding them as one download instead of two or three make it easier for everyone.

The PDF issues are in the same format that we’ve provided them in the past: full color 8″x10″‘s with a cover photo, table of contents, and all of the articles that “work” in a print publication. This means that we have not included articles that are only YouTube videos or podcasts.

The Kindle (mobi format) and Nook (ePub format) editions are for the avid eReaders in our audience. Once the downloaded files are unzipped, the appropriate file can be transferred to your eReader of choice using your USB cable or similar and then read at your leisure. They have been specifically formatted to work well on that particular device meaning the format is much simplified with an included cover photo, table of contents, and articles. Once noticeable issue with the eReader version is that large tables might not show up properly if your text size is too large. The font size can be adjusted to accomidate this issue. It should be noted that the PDF version can be read on either device as well.

Each downloadable issue will cost $0.99 and will contain all three versions of the magazine issue. Get them now from our downloads section.

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