The Innovative Marine MiniMax media reactors is one smart design

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Media reactors are very simple in principle and purpose: Force aquarium water through media (e.g. activated carbon, GFO, bio-pellets) within a contained area.  As such, most media reactors throughout the decades are similar to one another … and quite frankly most designs are rather uninspired.

Then there is the new, patent-pending Innovative Marine MiniMax media reactors. We’re not a blog known for gushing superlatives, but these reactors are brilliantly designed.  What really distinguishes the MiniMax is their ingenious double-sleeve cartridge design, which enables both a unique, responsive twist flow control as well as a streamline method to replace media.  IM’s video (below) clearly demonstrates how the MiniMax reactors work:

As you can see in the video promo, replacing the media in the IM MiniMax is fast and mess-free.  And this is a big deal in our opinions.  Too often aquarists do not replace their media as often as they should (particularly activated carbon) due to the mess and hassle of changing medias.  With conventional media reactors, you would have remove the entire reactor to change the media.  In contrast, the self-draining cartridge-style system of the MiniMax makes changing media a cinch.

The new MiniMax line will premiere with two models, both in-sump/in-tank reactors designed for smaller aquariums; See below for more information.  We would love to see this novel design adapted for larger reactors.

It’s not often a media reactor gets us excited, but the Innovative Marine MiniMax proves that with some out-of-the-box thinking, you can teach old dogs new tricks.


Innovative Marine supplied Advanced Aquarist with the following information:

MiniMax – All-In-One Media Reactor

If you desire the highest water quality but are frustrated with media reactors on the market….Meet the all new MiniMax. The MiniMax All-In-One Media Reactor is a novel approach to optimize chemical and biological filtration for nano & mini marine aquariums. Its’ innovative Patent Pending design minimizes the need for  flexible tubes, pvc pipes, ball valves, thumb screws, and unnecessary clutter that are usually associated with typical media reactors. Its’ ingenious design maximizes performance and offers out of the box responsive flow control, easy maintenance, low power consumption, and the smallest form factor ever built. The versatile MiniMax is designed to be discreetly hidden behind All-In-One Aquariums or placed directly in sumps.

The MiniMax is the All-In-One reactor for All-In-One Aquariums

  1. Responsive Flow Control – Unique dual chamber design, allows for quick and responsive flow control within seconds with a simple turn of knob without the need for ball valves and inlet/outlet pipes
  2. Efficiency – Utilizes upward flow pattern that requires less flow and lower energy consumption (Desktop Model – requires a mere 2.5 watts)
  3. Eliminate Messy Maintenance– Internal chamber acts as a removable cartridge that simply slides out of outer chamber and automatically drains water out without the need for tools and time consuming thumb screws to unfasten.
  4. Nano Size – We produced the smallest Nano Reactor (2” x 2.3” x 11.4”) with the integrated features right out the box


  • All-In-One Design – for use with Bio Pellets, GFO, & Carbon
  • Made from quality cell cast acrylic – Bracket Included
  • Smallest Form Factor
  • Responsive Flow Control
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Double O-Ring Seal for Lid
  • Offered in Desktop (150ml Max Volume Capacity) & Midsize (350ml Max Volume Capacity)
  • Pump Included
  • Just add your favorite Media


  • Item Number 7301 – Desktop     MiniMax All-In-One Media Reactor  MSRP $ 99
  • Item Number 7302 – Mid-Size    MiniMax All-In-One Media Reactor  MSRP $ 129



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