The Isis Aquarium: Thinking outside the rectangular box

The Isis Aquarium aims to literally change how we view aquariums.

The Isis Aquarium is 25 gallon acrylic aquarium that measures 31 inches wide and 16 inches in diameter with three 4×8″ top openings.  The aquarium rests on four wooden feet contoured to fit the curve of the cylinder.

The prototype is lit by an off-the-shelf 30″ ZooMed Aquasun dual T5 hood.  The aquarium does not have any accommodation for filtration; an internal submersible filter appears to be the only practical option for the prototype model  We hope to see further refinements such as a slimmer, more elegant LED hood (possibly enclosed in the same matching wood as its feet) and either a built-in above-tank filter or plumbing access for external filtration.

Its designer, David Landguth (Los Angeles, CA) recently successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of bringing his product to wide distribution.  Watch his Kickstarter video below for a better understanding of the Isis Aquarium.

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