The Ocean Reef LED Fixture From Orphek

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orphek Ocean Reef LEDOrphek has develop an LED light solution with an elegant design. The new Ocean Reef LED fixture has 6 lighting channels and it includes preset programs, including a coral acclimation program. The Ocean Reef, like some high end lighting solutions, includes Bluetooth technology with a free downloadable App for Android and iOS/WEE devices.

The newest Orphek Ocean Aquarium LED Lighting is designed for private or commercial installations, zoos and public aquariums and it was specifically designed for growing SPS corals. The Ocean Aquarium LED Lighting can deliver significant light penetration and plenty of coverage but the coverage specifics and pricing has not been released as of yet.

Orphek Ocean Aquarium Features:
7 different LED Colors
Blue/cyan LED for more fluorescence coral color
Acrylic lenses with 120 degree optics MORE

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