The Online Coral ID Workshops with Russell Kelley and BYOGUIDES

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The Online Coral ID Workshops with Russell Kelley and BYOGUIDES are back!
After overwhelmingly positive feedback from the previous workshops, they have expanded the event to 4 days long.
That is 16 hours of Indo-Pacific Coral ID Training!
Information and Registration at:
The workshop will be based around the new 2022 Coral Finder Toolkit, a suite of proven, practical resources for coral identification. The Indo-Pacific Coral Finder uses a visual approach that makes it possible for beginners to advance rapidly with little prior knowledge.
Led by Russell Kelley – author of the Indo-Pacific Coral Finder (5 editions) & the Reef Finder with assistance from Kevin Erickson.
The workshop uses audio-visual and hands-on training, tutorials, and instruction, and includes a take home Coral Finder Toolkit: Coral Finder 2022, a comprehensive workshop manual and audiovisual training.
Participants learn how to use the newly updated Indo Pacific Coral Finder 2022 to identify Indo Pacific hard corals to genus regardless of growth form. (Also includes the stony non-scleractinians.)
Special emphasis is placed on techniques for field identification, self directed learning and problem solving. For non-coral specialists, the workshop rapidly develops basic coral identification skills. Current or future coral specialists will upgrade their ID skills to the current state of molecular taxonomy.
The workshop provides an introduction to species identification and how to approach it. The training applies equally topside or underwater. Even people with extensive prior knowledge of corals benefit significantly from the problem solving training built into the Coral Finder workshop.
The workshop also summarizes the changes and implications of new molecular taxonomy findings while providing an easy-to-grasp, practical, field focused approach to coral identification.
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