The Side Show of Snorkel Bob

Robert Wintner

As I sit here typing out this post, I admit I am extremely tempted to write a snarky parody of the Sea Shepherd commentaries.  Then I realized I really couldn’t pen anything more absurd and irrational than Robert Wintner’s own words.

Here is Part One and Part Two of Wintner’s “The Dark Hobby Dedux.”  Watch out for:

  • Reductio ad hitlerum (Yes, Nazis somehow make their way into his argument)
  • Argumentum ad populum
  • Attacking anyone (Argumentum ad hominem) whose opinion differs from his – such as the Governor of Hawaii, HI’s Director of Natural Resources, scientists, et al.
  • Mockingly putting factual terms in parentheses (e.g. “biologist”)
  • Describing the aquarium wholesale industry as “trafficers” akin  to drug or human trafficers
  • Bizarre commentaries about female aquarists


Comically enough, Robert Wintner writes at one point during his rant against the aquarium trade: “Anecdotal evidence is not data. It’s emotional.”  The aquarium trade’s position is supported by data from IUCN, DLNR, and other scientific institutions while Wintner provides absolutely no data.

Robert Wintner is the founder of Snorkel Bob, a dive operator and shop.  Wintner serves on the Sea Shepherd Board of Advisors.

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