The successful, important balance of light intensity and nutrients

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Those of you that follow our youtube page know that I have been showcasing many beautiful tanks around the country. Some of the most frequently-asked questions I get are about their light schedule: what is it and can I share the details?

With that said, have you ever used or mimicked any reefing experts’ light schedules in your aquarium, but didn’t get the result and the success that they did? Corals bleached or not getting the growth or the colors that you were expecting? People say that every tank is different… did you just chalk it up to that?

But there might be another explanation.

Knowing and understanding the relationship and the balance between the light intensity and the existing nutrient levels in one’s system. 

And who better could we talk to about photons than Mr. Photon himself? A while back, I had Professor Sanjay Joshi at my house, and as we were discussing tanks, corals, and equipment, I asked him a question about this very relationship and he clarified it in layman’s terms.

For example, your coral will likely have a higher chance of bleaching if your system has low nutrients and super intense lights. Sanjay talked about his personal experience with his systems, including his amazing 500 gallon system.

Check out the video below.  Around the 8 min and 50 second mark is where he talks about it.
But you should check out the rest of the video, as he gives valid advice and tips.


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