The ultimate betta fish aquarium

by | Nov 12, 2013 | Advanced Aquarist | 0 comments describes their video:

There was a single male siamese fighting fish Betta splendes in the ricefield aquarium made by members of Association of Fishkeepers from Wrocław ( at ZooBotanica 2013 fair. Betta was supposed to swim in the upper terrace, where glass was installed in the wall to allow the viewers to see the fish. However, our Betta had different plans, and each time we put him into the upper terrace – sooner or later he jumped out, all the way down to the main compartment of the aquarium.

It’s very interesting to observe the behaviour of the fish – he is clearly examining the wall of the terrace, to find the best spot (even though during the second jump he mis-identified the spot, and chose to go over dry land instead of going through the small “waterfall” – but he succeeded anyway).

A very intelligent fish, which deserves to be kept in a well furnished aquarium, not in a fishbowl with kitsch-colorful gravel and plastic plant!

And remember – ALWAYS cover tight your Betta tank, because this fish can jump out and escape through even smallest crevices in the aquarium hood !!


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