The ViViDSpectra LED Light

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Introducing the ViViDSpectra LED Light

The VS-3X14-W LED aquarium light has practical and sophisticated features aquarium enthusiasts have been looking and asking for.


The quality LED lineup includes 27 LEDs from trusted brands to provide high intensity white (6 Cree™ XP-L), deep blues (6 Cree™ XT-E), pleasing greens (6 Cree™ XP-E) and vivid reds (6 Oslon™ SSL HyperRed). The VS-3X14-W delivers spectral power important to plant and coral growth, and allows for any color combination for vivid tank presentation. Near UV (3 SemiLEDs™ UV 410-420nm) LEDs highlight corals and make fish look bright and iridescent.

With a PARwerful™ peak output of 619 PAR, the VS-3X14-W delivers 105 watts of power to the LEDs making it effective and intense while still being efficient. The VS-3X14-W has a wide spatial distribution and allows for maximum coverage area of 36”x18”.

With the press of a button, the light connects wirelessly to your home WiFi router. No extra hardware required. Access and control the light from anywhere using an internet connected computer or tablet. Wireless connectivity mean no need to unmount your light or balance your laptop over your tank.

Plug in your light and it is ready to go with built-in default settings, or choose your schedule and spectrum to get the perfect color and intensity for your aquarium. Configure multiple tanks, lights and scenarios with the sophisticated ViViDSpectra website, then send your schedule to your light. Your light can remain online for immediate control, or offline and it will keep following your schedule.

The water resistant VS-3X14-W can be mounted closer to the water surface for maximum light penetration. The flexible mounting options allow for parallel or perpendicular mounting on your tank or pendant style from the ceiling.

The lights operate at a low voltage (24V) and meet relevant safety and EMI standards. ViViDSpectra lights minimize the use of plastics, use recyclable aluminum components and comply with RoHS standards making them more environmentally friendly.

Come visit us at MACNA 2016 in the Atlas Ballroom, in San Diego and check out our display.

For more information on the VS-3X14-W, visit us online at You can purchase the VS-3X14-W online at an introductory price of $399 (USD) for a limited time. For support and inquiries contact us at [email protected].

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