Theft of £25,000 worth of koi is a reminder ...

Photo by Stan Shebs

We read and report about fish thefts with disturbing regularity.  Pet-nabbing happens more frequently than most of us think, and it’s not surprisingly that fishes costing hundreds to thousands of dollars left out in open ponds are tempting targets for thieves.

Protect your investment and pets.  Modern surveillance equipment are cheap, unobtrusive, and easy to install.  If you have a pond or outdoor exhibit, we strongly recommend installing cameras.  Additionally, post signs to let visitors know they are being monitored.  Even without a camera, signs have been shown to be an effective theft deterrent on their own.  Good nighttime lighting (via a continuous light or motion sensor light) is also a strong deterrent.

If you have any information about this theft, contact the owner Ray Ricards at 01761 471 089 (UK). He is offering a reward for information that helps him recover his prized pets.

[via Bath Chronicle]

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