There’s a Lot to Be Said About a Product’s Packaging

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When it comes to aquarium gear, we ofter overlook things like product manuals, packaging, and all other manner of advertising because we are far more excited about what’s in the box, than the box it came in. Companies pour so much money into each of these areas, often designing fantastic packaging, that it only makes sense for us to stop for a moment and appreciate their efforts. One such company whose product line mirrors their packaging is Vertex Aquaristik. They have some of the cleanest products we’ve seen, sporting simple designs and color schemes that jump right out of the aquarium. Their boxes share that element of simplicity, as they are clean and white with just a logo emblazoned on the front. Vertex recently sent us a whole bunch of stuff, honestly to our surprise, and one of the feedback items they requested was “how was the packaging”?

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