Could have been worse

A dreadful sight for any aquarist, but things could have been so much worse. Photo by FIU Student Media.

According to FIU Student Media, the silicone on the front pane of their large glass aquarium at Graham Center failed, leaving the unbroken pane dangling from the rest of the aquarium only connected by the top seam (like a hinge).  Water, rock, corals, and fish gushed out from opening,

Thankfully, nearby students and staff were able to save all but one fish, a skunk clownfish.  The survivors are in temporary holding tanks, and the university plans to repair the reef tank.  The fish aren’t out of the woods yet.  As any fishkeeper knows, stressed fish (especially after very traumatic events such as this) can be touch-and-go.  Our best thoughts go out to the fish and those who are caring for them.

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