This is Mike.  Mike is probably one of the most dangerous fish in the ocean.  Not because he’s so ugly, but because he is carrying some of the highest levels of radiation found in a fish since the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  We’re not talking “slightly elevated” or anything like that, Mike clocks in at 2500 times the legal limit to be edible.  Obviously Mike isn’t making it onto a plate anytime soon, but what about all of the other fish that are severely sick from radiation poisoning?  What happens to them when local fishermen pick them up?  Or worse still, what happens when a very healthy fish eats one of these fish and then is caught and served at a restaurant.  Despite all of the nets around the stricken area, some of these animals are going to make it into the food supply, and the question now is, what will the effects be on the human population?  Will people get immediately sick or will we see a long term trend of higher cancer rates in the region?  More info on the issue can be found HERE.

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