Three new beautiful tropical fish species described

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Three new beautiful tropical fish species described

Top to bottom: Vanderhorstia lepidobucca, Maratecoara gesmonei, and Aphyosemion mengilai

Vanderhorstia lepidobucca is a new shrimpgoby from Sulawesi (Indonesia) described by Gerald R. Allen, Teguh Peristiwady and Mark V. Erdmann.

Maratecoara gesmonei is a new Amazon (Brazil) rivulid killifish described by Dalton Tavares Bressane Nielsen, Mayler Martins and Ricardo Britzke.

Aphyosemion mengilai is a new African killifish from Massif du Chaillu (Republic of Congo) described by Stefano Valdesalici and Wolfgang Eberl.

To purchase the full peer-reviewed papers, visit AQUA, International Journal of Ichthyology.


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