The paper, Review of the Indo-Pacific Flasherwrasses of the genus  Paracheilinus (Perciformes: Labridae), with descriptions of three new species, by Gerald R Allen, Mark V. Erdmann, and Ni Luh Astria Yusmalinda is your new flasher wrasse reference bible, and it’s open access (free to read)!

Here are the three new gorgeous species:

Paracheilinus xanthocirritus

Currently known from the South China Sea at the Anambas Islands, Indonesia

xanthocirritus.jpgTwo nuptial male Paracheilinus xanthocirritus

Paracheilinus paineorum

Wide distribution throughout central Indonesia

paineorum.jpgParacheilinus paineorum male courting female (left)

Paracheilinus alfiani

Currently known only from the type locality on the northern coast of Lembata Island in the Lesser Sunda Group of Indonesia

This species is the most gorgeous of the three newly described species in our opinion, and it’s got a great backstory too!  Our friend Anna DeLoach at actually was the first to discover this species in 2014.  Gerald and Mark named the species after Anna’s dive guide, “Yan” Alfian.

Three new flasher wrasses + comprehensive review of Paracheilinus

Paracheilinus alfiani – superb nuptial display!

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