German high-end aquarium product manufacturer Vertex Aquaristik is introducing three new magnetic products for your consideration:

The Cleaner-Mag Simplex is a diminutive magnet cleaner designed for small tanks such as nanos.  The exterior piece is an unique circular design with clear acrylic (complete with tiny laser-etched Vertex fish logo) encasing the magnet; It is lined with white satin fabric on one side. The interior piece is square in shape, with a coarse white fabric cleaning surface. The Simplex reminds me of a cufflink! 
Dimensions: Exterior Piece: 28mm/1.1” radius x 14mm/ 0.55”H. Interior Piece: 19mm/0.75”L x 19mm/0.75”W x  8mm/0.31”H
Maximum glass/acrylic thickness: 6mm / 1/4″
Price: $9.99

The Cleaner-Mag Duplex is the larger version of the Simplex with more than twice the cleaning surface.  The Duplex retains the clear acrylic-encased magnet exterior design but in a more standard rectangular form.
Dimensions: Exterior Piece: 42mm/1.65”L x 22mm/0.86”W x 14mm/0.55”H. Interior Piece: 42mm/1.65”L x 22mm/0.86”W x 9mm/0.35”H
Maximum glass/acrylic thickness: 8mm / 5/16″

The Sensor-Mag Titanium is an acrylic probe holder which employs titanium screw-downs to secure up to three standard probes (each up to 13mm/0.5″ dia.).  Three equally-spaced round magnets on each side hold the the two sides together and help prevent twisting of the probe holder.
Dimensions: Exterior Piece: 68mm/2.7”L x 20mm/0.79″H x 10mm/0.40”W.  Interior (Probe) piece: 68mm/2.7”L x 20mm/0.79”H x 26mm/1.0”W
Price: $24.99

All three new products are now globally available from authorized Vertex dealers.  For dealer inquiries only: Proline Aquatics is master distributor in the United States and Canada.

Vertex Cleaner-Mag Simplex
Vertex Cleaner-Mag Simplex

Vertex Cleaner-Mag Duplex
Vertex Cleaner-Mag Duplex

Vertex Sensor-Mag Titanium
Vertex Sensor-Mag Titanium

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