Time-lapse photography of GBR shows reef-life moving with purpose

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Time-lapse photography of GBR shows reef-life moving with purpose

A menagerie of Great Barrer Reef life

Dr. Bongaerts of University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute recorded a variety of reef life on the Great Barrier Reef over the course of five years.  Thousands of independent photos were stitched together into this time-lapse video below, which shows:

  • Tide rising over a shallow Acropora reef
  • A pipe organ coral “blooming”
  • An upside-down Heliofungia sp. plate coral flipping itself over
  • Another coral moving sand off of itself
  • Sea cucumbers and starfish scurrying about

Other footage include this sea cucumber “sniffing” out the sandy seafloor for detritus to eat:


… and corals attacking each other with deadly mesenterial filaments:


[via Daily Mail]


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