Top 5 Fastest Growing SPS Corals

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There is a well known saying out there that says good things come to those who wait. This saying is certainly relevant to keeping an SPS reef tank since patience is a critical component to having success. Years ago folks, including myself, started reef tanks with either maricultured or wild colonies. In essence, you could create a nearly instant reef.

Today the most common way to start a reef is to plant frags. Frags can evolve and grow more organically with the reef, providing a more natural look versus starting a tank with colonies. A new tank with just frags does look a bit barren and can test a reef keeper’s patience. One way to “move things along” is to add some fast growing corals. With that said, here is my list of the Top 5 Fastest Growing SPS Corals:

#1 Green Bali Slimer

The Acropora Yongei or “Green Bali Slimer” is a beautiful staghorn. This coral, which has been around the hobby for a long time, is vivid green and has wide, spidering branches. As the name suggests, they do “slime” when touched or disturbed so it is wise to minimize contact. This coral is very hardy and does not need a ton of light. Why is this coral number one on my list? Well, I had one in my old 225 gallon tank and in no time it took over the whole left corner of the tank. It grew so fast the tips seemed to be growing out of the water!

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