This video almost didn’t happen. It wasn’t on the plan or agenda. My flight got delayed 5 times and I arrived to Texas HOURS after my original landing time around midnight.

As I landed, I turned on my phone and noticed whole bunches of messages from friends to see where I was. I called to be polite and to say that I am going to the hotel to check in and to get to bed. I was told that I NEED to come to this facility called Vibrant Corals to drool over corals, and hang out with all my good friends, and that they had BBQ and sushi waiting for me.

Don’t have to twist my arm to get this fatty moving towards the things that I love.

Vibrant Corals is a small wholesale operation, but boy was I blown away by the quality of their animals, the effectiveness of their operation, and their hospitality. So much so that I came back to film this facility for you guys.

Take a few minutes to watch this video as we talk to Caleb, one of the owners of Vibrant Corals, to get to know this place, these people, and all the eye candies!


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